Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy was once the most feared dental treatment, but modern dentistry allows patients to have gentle, painless root canal therapy in St. Louis Park. Root canals are no longer the complicated procedures they once were. 

Now, they are as quick and straightforward as a simple tooth filling. At the dental office of Michael J Nelson, DDS, we understand root canals may have a negative reputation, and we are here to help you put your mind at ease with exceptional care and a gentle touch. We pride ourselves on providing considerate and comfortable dentistry, including when patients need root canal therapy.  

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy removes diseased tooth tissue from an infected root canal. It includes cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and sealing the tooth for additional protection against damage and reinfection. 

The root canal is the part of the tooth that houses nerves, blood vessels, and pulp. The root canal can get infected for various reasons:

  • Poor oral hygiene 
  • Decay 
  • Trauma 

When a tooth undergoes trauma or deep decay, harmful bacteria can seep into the tooth’s roots and infect the pulp. Root canal therapy is vital as it can relieve your pain and save your tooth. 

Signs of a Root Canal Infection

Your dentist must perform an exam to determine if you have a root canal infection; however, there are some common signs to look for:

  • Severe pain in one or more teeth 
  • Pain when chewing or biting 
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures
  • Raised bump on the gums
  • Foul taste in your mouth 
  • Swelling or tenderness of the gums
  • Deep decay 
  • Darkening of the gums  

Timely root canal therapy can alleviate your dental pain and stress. Our gentle root canal treatment can give you your smile back so that you can enjoy excellent oral health. 

Comfortable Dentistry of the Highest Quality 

Dr. Michael Nelson strives to make root canal treatment comfortable and relaxing by using modern technology, exhibiting sympathetic behavior, and elevating the ambiance of our dental office. We offer various comforting amenities, such as bottled water, neck pillows, eye masks, blankets, headphones, portable phone charges, guest Wi-Fi access, and a coffee center. We invite patients to relax and unwind as we care for their teeth and gums. Whatever you may need for a more tranquil experience, we are here to provide it for you. 

Root Canal Treatment in St. Louis Park, MN 

Untreated infection can spread to other areas of the mouth and body, and root canal therapy is the most effective way to treat the infection. Your dentist starts by applying a local anesthetic so you don’t experience pain or discomfort. Once you’re completely numb, they create a small access point in the tooth to drain the infected material using rotary endodontics. 

Rotary endodontics is a state-of-the-art technology we use to precisely and comfortably remove infection and clean the tooth. We meticulously clean the tooth’s interior and place an antibiotic medication in it to prevent further infection.

Your dentist then fills the tooth and caps it with a custom-made crown designed just for your smile. The crown stabilizes the natural tooth’s structure and strength, therefore rendering your tooth completely functional again. 

Contact Your St. Louis Park Dentist Today 

If you experience tooth pain or sensitivity, please contact our St. Louis Park dental office today. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially regarding your oral health. 

Dr. Nelson can perform a thorough dental exam and develop a detailed treatment strategy specifically for your needs.