Michael J Nelson DDS

Is fluoride beneficial for everyone?

Dr. Michael Nelson agrees with the American Dental Association that fluoride is very beneficial to people of all ages. Contrary to popular belief, adults and children can receive fluoride treatment and incorporate fluoride into their daily lives. However, excessive fluoride exposure can damage the enamel. 

People commonly use fluoride in oral hygiene products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Before using any dental products, please make sure they have the ADA Seal of Approval or speak with your dentist. 

Fluoride Protects Your Oral Health

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that can strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay. Many public drinking water sources contain fluoride, helping people of all ages protect their teeth. 

Your dentist can apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth to prevent cavities. Fluoride adds strength to your teeth's matrix and acts to block tubules, which reduces sensitivity. 

Dr. Nelson always highly recommends patients receive a fluoride treatment at each preventative dental appointment.

Do you have a cavity, or would you like to protect your smile from decay? Please get in touch with us today to schedule your preventive dental visit or fluoride treatment. 

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