Michael J Nelson DDS

What steps have you taken to make the dental office safer during COVID-19?

Michael J Nelson DDS has always upheld––and continues to maintain––stringent sanitation and safety practices. Our dental office is a sanitary and safe environment where our patients can receive the dental care they need for a healthy smile. 

Our Sanitation Practices

All of our common areas and treatment rooms are regularly and thoroughly disinfected. Between each patient, we disinfect the treatment rooms and sterilize all equipment and tools. 

Our clinicians wear disposable surgical gowns and the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while treating patients. We have also upgraded our high-volume suction system, which significantly reduces aerosols and the spread of bacteria during specific procedures.

Your dentist may also use a barrier when needed to isolate the treatment area from other parts of the mouth. Immediately after use, we dispose of single-use instruments. 

Additional Safety Measures

We invite patients to wear face coverings or masks for enhanced safety before and after their appointments. Additionally, we encourage social distancing to reduce close contact with other patients and guests.

Patients may also consider limiting the number of visitors who accompany them to their appointment unless necessary. 

Our dental team respects and cares for our patients, and your safety and health are of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure your dental visits remain safe and comfortable.

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