Children’s Dentistry

Your child's smile is precious and deserves compassionate dental care of the highest quality. Michael J Nelson DDS offers comprehensive children's dentistry to toddlers, teens, and young adults in St. Louis Park, MN, and surrounding areas. 

As a father of two children, Dr. Michael Nelson understands firsthand the importance of a child's oral health and wellness. Not only do we treat decay, gum disease, and other concerns, but we focus on preventive dental care so your child's teeth and gums stay healthy for life. 

Our Children's Dentistry Services

Our goal is to support you and your child in attaining their healthiest smile. We offer various services for children, including:

Oral Health Exams

Dr. Nelson uses advanced diagnostics to comfortably and accurately monitor your child's mouth health and development. Digital x-rays allow us to see underlying cavities and other concerns that are impossible to detect with a simple visual exam. However, Dr. Nelson also performs a visual exam to check the mouth's teeth, gums, tongue, and other tissues. 

Teeth Cleanings

Our dental team is gentle and friendly, especially when performing teeth cleanings for children. We thoroughly and carefully clean their teeth using specialized instruments to remove plaque and bacteria buildup. We also floss and polish their teeth to give them a fresh, clean smile. 

Fluoride and Dental Sealants

Dr. Nelson uses fluoride treatments and tooth sealants to strengthen and protect developing teeth from decay. He applies fluoride varnish to the teeth as a preventive measure to repel cavities. He may also use dental sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth to help protect their teeth against decay. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings 

Our tooth-colored fillings match the natural shade of teeth and protect the structure of your child's tooth. Tooth fillings repair and restore decay, breaks, chips, and weak teeth using a strong, safe composite resin. 

We Prioritize Your Child's Comfort 

At Michael J Nelson DDS, we want you and your child to have a happy, pleasant dental experience. We offer pre-appointment visits so kids can feel more comfortable with our staff and become more familiar with the dental office.

For additional relaxation, we have TVs in treatment rooms so they can enjoy their favorite show, and we offer blankets, neck pillows, headphones, and more. 

Creating Healthy Habits at Home 

Healthy habits start early in life, and together, we can support your child on their oral health journey. We focus on prevention and patient education so parents can be proactive and help their kids and families practice better oral health habits at home. 

Brushing and flossing  Diligent brushing and flossing are essential for preventing cavities and other oral health concerns. You can ask your dentist the appropriate age for using fluoride so their teeth remain strong and decay-free throughout their adolescence. 

Education and encouragement  We believe it's important to take the time with your child to teach them the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Encourage them and work with them to create healthy habits at home by brushing and flossing together, eating healthy foods, and staying away from cavity-causing snacks. 

Routine dental visits — Having regular professional dental exams and teeth cleanings are essential for your child's smile and overall health. For kids hesitant about visiting the dentist, you can tell them that we are friends who take care of their teeth so they can eat, drink, and smile. Everyone on our team enjoys working with children, and we always look forward to greeting new and familiar faces. 

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Child's Dental Visit?

Michael J Nelson DDS is a safe and comfortable place you and your child can expect consistent, exceptional, and thoughtful care. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our children's dentistry services or how we can make you and your family more comfortable at our dental office.